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Rebellions are built on Hope Collection: 


Everything is made from our signature belgian chcoclate and hand-crafted by us in small batches!


  • ONE from the following: A large BB8, Large Han Solo in Krisponite (aka milk chocolate with Krispies), a Death Star, or a Fully Sculpted Millennium Falcon piñata chocolate with NERDS inside (as all Falcons are)!


  • 10 mini pieces
    •    Fillings or No Fillings available
      • Fillings: Dole whip inspired Pineapple encaased White Chocolate ganache encased in white chocolate, grandma’s peanut butter in milk chocolate, and a Caramel infused chocolate.
      • Both the Chocolate Death Star and BB8 can be filled with your choice of Grandma Rosie's Peanut Butter or Oreo mix
  •  A limited edition orange rebel, New Hope Confections insulated lunchbox
  • A handwritten (or blank) Star Wars card with your personal message.
  • Shipping:

    Everything is individually wrapped and placed into secure boxes, then put into the insulated lunchbox with mini, anti-leak ice packs, after that we place it into the box with more (recyclable) padding. Finally we tape all the seams so the temp stays regular inside! I know this sounds intense but we have learned this is a must do process to insure you get stunning beautiful chocolates.

    Then we will ship via USPS Priority Mail either 2 or 3 day! 

  • How long will these keep?

    Stored properly, in a cool, dark place our filled chocolates will last 2-3 months, and unfilled chocolates will last 5-6 months.

  • Do I need to be home to accept the package?

    YES! THEY WILL MELT! We do request that a signature be required. (Please note: during COVID USPS may not deliver to your front door and obtain a signature, see below*)

  • Can I send this as a gift?

    Yes, but we highly encourage you to send them the tracking so they can be home to get it, as well as give them the included specific set of directions in order to unpack the chocolates if delivered to any place with a temperature over 60 degrees.

  • What if there is a problem with my shipment?

    Just give us a call and we will make it right the following Monday or Tuesday, as well as assist you with your insurance claim with USPS.

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