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Mickey Mouse Blank Card Upgrade

Mickey Mouse Blank Card Upgrade

PriceFrom $2.09


Upgrade your card with a super shiny, totally awesome birthday card! Perfect for anyone in your life who deserves a little extra cheer. 


Outside: "Mickey Mouse!" Inside: Blank


Message from a Special Friend: Your card can have an awesome message from a very special friend... and signed by them! +$10 (You may purchase this first but you have to clear your friend and message with us via DM on this website, FB or IG. If your message and friend are not available you will be refunded.)


We do offer a service for $4 to send the card via regular mail to you (continental US only) so you can write the card yourself and send it back to us. We are not responsible for lost mail or if the card comes too late to include in the delivery. Please only use this option if you have over a month until your order.  +$4


If you would just like to have it shipped with the note from a Special friend choose Shipping 

  • Notes:


    Will be delivered with your order with your message handwritten inside.


  • If for Delivery Only

    If you only get this to have us write a note from you and deliver it will still ask you to put in shipping information. Sorry. Please give us your delivery date, and who we are delvering to so we can find your order

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