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Marshmallows - Large 

Peanuts in the ice cream section - little chopped up kind

Powdered Sugar

Chunky Peanut butter of your choice - we get ours at whole foods

All Purpose Flour

Baking Powder

Cake Flour:

(You can also make cake flour with AP Flour and Corn Starch)

Note: Different types of flour are used in baking for various reasons. For example, cake flour is often substituted for all-purpose flour because it has a lower protein content and is more absorbent. Cake flour makes cakes more tender and delicate.


Cold Butter (1 Cup) 

Cold eggs (2)


Roughly a ½ Cup of each:

Light Brown Sugar

Dark Brown Sugar

Granulated Sugar


Vanilla Extract: McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract, 2 fl oz


Salt: Kosher Salt 

If you want to get really fancy you can get this:

I like a bite of salt and so I use Fluer de sel to finish off my recipes. We all knew the darkside was salty!

Fluer de sel, a type of French sea salt, has a distinctive taste that is recognized by chefs and gourmands all over the world. The process of harvesting salt is so time-consuming that only one harvest occurs per year in France. The flavor is delicate and melts in your mouth. Fluer de sel adds that perfect finishing touch to chocolate and these cookies.



Mini chocolate chips (or 1 small 11 oz bag)

Milk chocolate chips  (or 1 small 11 oz bag)

Semi-sweet chocolate chips (or 1 small 11 oz bag)

Espresso chocolate chips (or 1 small 11 oz bag)

1 bag of disco chocolate chips

Chocolate chunks - sweet German chocolate if you can find it

A New Hope Confections Sculpted Chocolates (These you can get on a shipping day!!!)


No Lip Cookie sheet: This one is my personal fave:


Parchment Paper

Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer

2 large bowls

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